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    <allimages gaifrom="2009 dietze charge density waves presentation.pdf" />
      <page pageid="146" ns="6" title="File:060707 eutectic-200.jpg" />
      <page pageid="149" ns="6" title="File:070502.magnetism-180.jpg" />
      <page pageid="148" ns="6" title="File:070503 magnetism cover-200.jpg" />
      <page pageid="369" ns="6" title="File:100C Final Solutions.pdf" />
      <page pageid="368" ns="6" title="File:100C Midterm Solutions.pdf" />
      <page pageid="386" ns="6" title="File:100C Spring 2013 Midterm Solutions.pdf" />
      <page pageid="372" ns="6" title="File:11-19-12 group meeting coffee spilling.pdf" />
      <page pageid="373" ns="6" title="File:11-19-12 group meeting crystal growth.ppt" />
      <page pageid="371" ns="6" title="File:11-5-12 group meeting Ultrafast pump-probe experiments at APS 7ID.pdf" />
      <page pageid="290" ns="6" title="File:2007 dietze room-temperature reversible spin hall effect.pdf" />