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      <item logid="1487" ns="0" title="(Free) Clash Royale Gems Generator Very Simple 2023" pageid="0" type="delete" action="delete" user="Oleg" timestamp="2024-01-17T23:23:18Z" comment="content before blanking was: &quot;Introducing the Ultimate Clash Royale Gems Generator: Unlock Unlimited Gems Now!Are you tired of grinding for hours just to earn a handful of gems in Clash Royale? Do you dream of having an endless supply of gems to level...&quot;" />
      <item logid="1486" ns="0" title="(Free) Clash Royale Gems Generator Very Simple 2023" pageid="0" type="patrol" action="patrol" user="Oleg" timestamp="2024-01-17T23:23:10Z" comment="">
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