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Group Members

Group Photo

Group Photo, May, 2016 Shpyrko group, May 2016. (l-to-r): Oleg Shpyrko, James Wingert, Nelson Hua, Olesya Kovalchuk, Josh Ruby, Roopali Kookerja, Andrej Singer, VIdya Premkumar, Devin Cela, Robin Knox, Amie Diza
Group Photo, March 25, 2013 (l-to-r): Oleg Shpyrko, Jim Wingert, Jong Woo Kim, Sebastian Dietze, Leandra Boucheron, Edwin Fohtung, Marion Fuhrman, Andrew Ulvestad, Jacob Stanley, Yeling Dai

Principal Investigator

Prof. Oleg Shpyrko
Oleg Shpyrko
Associate Professor, Department of Physics

University of California San Diego
Ph.D. 2004, Physics, Harvard University

Ph.D. Physics, Harvard University, 2004 (CV)

  • Office: Mayer Hall 3210 (Where is it?), 9500 Gilman Dr., MC-0319, UC San Diego, La Jolla, CA 92093-0319
  • Phone (Google Voice, preferred): 858-952-1248
  • Phone (Office): 858-534-3066



The Webpage for Spring 2010 quarter of PHYS_100C

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Selected Publications

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Our group's research efforts have been generously funded by DOE, NSF, DARPA, NSF CAREER, AFOSR-MURI, AFOSR, Hellman Foundation, Argonne LDRD, UCOP MRPI award, as well as internal UCSD funding sources.

UCSD Physics Department

UC San Diego Physics Department Faculty

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